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Luxury 3 & 4 BHK Apartments by Assetz Property Group in Bagalur, North Bangalore

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    Assetz Code Name Miwa apartment Main Elevation picture by Assetz Property Group located at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore Karnataka

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Overview

    Assetz Code Name Miwa, situated within the thriving KIADB Aerospace Park in Bagalur, Bangalore North, offers a unique and exceptional living experience. It consists of spacious 3 BHK and 4 BHK eco-luxury apartments. This residential development has garnered considerable attention for its strategic location and innovative design, setting it apart in the real estate landscape of Bangalore.

    Nestled within the KIADB Aerospace Park, Assetz Code Name Miwa enjoys proximity to a dynamic business ecosystem. The aerospace and aviation industry has been flourishing in this region, attracting professionals and entrepreneurs seeking quality housing options. Assetz Code Name Miwa, with its contemporary amenities and sustainable features, caters perfectly to the needs of individuals and families alike.

    What truly distinguishes Assetz Code Name Miwa is its commitment to creating a harmonious environment. Despite its location in the heart of Bangalore’s industrial hub, this residential enclave prioritizes green living. The architectural design seamlessly blends with the lush surroundings, offering residents an escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

    Residents of Assetz Code Name Miwa can enjoy an array of amenities designed for a modern, active lifestyle. From fitness centres to recreational areas and jogging tracks, every aspect of this community encourages a healthy and social way of life.

    So, Assetz Code Name Miwa at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore North, offers a distinctive living experience where urban conveniences meet nature’s tranquillity. Its strategic location, eco-conscious design, and contemporary amenities make it an attractive choice for those seeking a holistic and vibrant lifestyle. If you are looking for a place that balances work and leisure, Assetz Code Name Miwa is the ideal destination. Experience a harmonious blend of modern living and nature in this unique residential enclave.



                    Project Highlights

    Project NameAssetz Code Name Miwa
    Project StatusPre-Launch
    Total Land Area11 Acres
    Development TypeBangalore Residential High-Rise Apartment
    Total No. of Units700 Units
    Towers & BlocksOn Request
    ElevationOn Request
    Unit Variants3 BHK, 4 BHK
    Unit’s Size Range1600 sq.ft onwards
    PriceOn Request
    Possession3 Years from Launch
    LocationKIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore
    LandmarkNear IFCI Financial City

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    Assetz Code Name Miwa Master Plan

    Assetz Code Name Miwa apartment masterplan image by Assetz Property Group Located at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore Karnataka

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Floor Plan

    Assetz Code Name Miwa apartment 3 BHK Floor Plan image by Assetz Property Group Located at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore Karnataka
    Assetz Code Name Miwa apartment 4 BHK Floor Plan image by Assetz Property Group Located at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore Karnataka

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Location

    Assetz Code Name Miwa apartment exact google location map with GPS co-ordinates by Assetz Property Group Located at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore Karnataka

    Project Address:
    Bagalur, Bangalore North

    Experience the pinnacle of strategic location with Assets Code Name Miwa, situated within the esteemed KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore North. This location is a true masterpiece, positioning residents right at the epicentre of a thriving aerospace and aviation hub. Enjoy seamless connectivity to major business centres and an extensive transportation network, simplifying your daily commute.

    What truly sets this prime location apart is its remarkable ability to strike a perfect balance between work and leisure, offering residents a serene oasis amid the industrious landscape. Assets Code Name Miwa’s unwavering dedication to eco-friendly living is palpable in its verdant surroundings, creating a haven of health and tranquillity for all.

    Within arm’s reach, you’ll discover a wealth of amenities, including fitness centres, jogging tracks, and recreational spaces. These facilities foster an active and vibrant lifestyle, making this Bangalore location the ultimate choice for contemporary living. Discover the ideal blend of modern living and strategic positioning in Bangalore with Assets Code Name Miwa.

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Price

    3 BHK
    Price – On Request

    4 BHK
    Price – On Request

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    Assetz Code Name Miwa Amenities

    • Fitness Centre: Assetz Code Name Miwa offers a well-equipped fitness centre where residents can maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without leaving the community.
    • Swimming Pool: A spacious swimming pool provides a refreshing escape from the daily grind, allowing residents to unwind and cool off.
    • Clubhouse: The clubhouse serves as a social hub, ideal for gatherings, parties, and community events, enhancing the sense of belonging.
    • Children’s Play Area: Families with kids will appreciate the dedicated children’s play area, designed for fun and safe playtime.
    • Jogging Tracks: Scenic jogging tracks within the community promote fitness and offer a serene environment for morning or evening runs.
    • Sports Courts: For sports enthusiasts, there are dedicated sports courts where you can enjoy games like basketball, badminton, or tennis.
    • Landscaped Gardens: Assetz Code Name Miwa’s lush landscaped gardens provide a peaceful retreat, perfect for relaxation and leisurely walks.
    • Security: 24/7 security ensures residents’ safety and peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy their amenities without worries.
    • Green Spaces: The community prioritizes green living, offering ample green spaces for residents to connect with nature.
    • Retail Outlets: Convenience is at your doorstep with retail outlets within the complex, ensuring easy access to daily essentials.
    • Community Hall: The community hall is available for various events and gatherings, fostering a strong sense of community among residents.
    • Rainwater Harvesting: Sustainable amenities like rainwater harvesting demonstrate Assetz Code Name Miwa’s commitment to eco-friendly living.
    • Visitor Parking: Adequate visitor parking facilities make it convenient for guests to visit and enjoy the amenities.
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout the community.
    • Power Backup: Uninterrupted power supply ensures that residents can enjoy the amenities without disruptions.

      These amenities at Assetz Code Name Miwa in KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, North Bangalore, enrich the living experience, promoting a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for all residents.

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Gallery

    Assetz Code Name Miwa apartment Bird Eye View Image by Assetz Property Group Located at KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore Karnataka

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Specifications

    • Architectural Excellence: Assetz Code Name Miwa showcases architectural brilliance, with modern and aesthetically pleasing designs that stand out in the KIADB Aerospace Park.
    • Spacious Apartments: The apartments in Assetz Code Name Miwa are generously sized, ensuring ample space for comfortable living.
    • Quality Construction: The project boasts top-notch construction quality, with a focus on durability and longevity.
    • Eco-Friendly Features: Assetz Code Name Miwa incorporates eco-friendly elements like rainwater harvesting and green spaces, promoting sustainable living.
    • Well-Designed Interiors: Thoughtfully designed interiors offer a perfect blend of functionality and elegance.
    • Modern Kitchen: The kitchens are equipped with provision for contemporary fittings and fixtures, making cooking a delightful experience.
    • Vastu Compliant: The project adheres to Vastu principles, ensuring harmony and positive energy in the living spaces.
    • Ample Natural Light: Large windows and balconies allow plenty of natural light to fill the rooms, creating a cheerful ambiance.
    • Premium Flooring: High-quality flooring materials add a touch of luxury to the living spaces.
    • Secure Living: Assetz Code Name Miwa prioritizes security with 24/7 surveillance and secure access points for residents.
    • Advanced Amenities: The project offers advanced amenities like a fitness centre, swimming pool, and clubhouse for a modern lifestyle.
    • Lush Landscaping: Beautifully landscaped gardens and green areas enhance the overall aesthetics of the community.
    • Convenient Location: Situated in KIADB Aerospace Park, residents enjoy proximity to major business hubs and transportation networks.
    • Easy Accessibility: The project is easily accessible from key landmarks in Bangalore, ensuring a hassle-free commute.
    • Sustainable Living: Assetz Code Name Miwa’s design promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious way of life.
    • Modern Fixtures: The bathrooms are equipped with modern fixtures and fittings, combining functionality and style.
    • Community Living: The project fosters a sense of community with facilities like a community hall and sports courts.

      These specifications make Assetz Code Name Miwa in KIADB Aerospace Park, Bagalur, Bangalore North, a standout residential project that offers quality living with modern conveniences and eco-friendly features.

    FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

    Assetz Code Name Miwa project is located in the prime location of Bagalur, Bangalore North.

    Assetz Code Name Miwa is a ultra-luxury residential high-rise apartment project.

    Assetz Code Name Miwa Project will be handed over in 3 years from the date of launch.

    Assetz Code Name Miwa project comprises of exclusive 3 BHK & 4BHK apartments.

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      Assetz Code Name Miwa project is in pre-launch stage & is going to be launched soon.

      Assetz Code Name Miwa total project area is 11 Acres.

      Its a complete clear titile property. The land is freehold, marketable and free from all encumbrances.

      Yes, there is a special Pre-launch offer for the first few customers only, reach us by filling in the contact form below to know the special offers:

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          About Assetz Group

          Assetz Property Group, widely known as Assetz Group, is a distinguished name in the realm of real estate development. With a rich legacy spanning numerous years, Assetz Group has earned a stellar reputation for its unwavering commitment to excellence.

          At the core of Assetz Group’s ethos lies a profound dedication to customer satisfaction. Every project undertaken by Assetz Group is meticulously designed with the evolving needs and desires of its customers in mind. This customer-centric approach, coupled with a team of seasoned professionals and an unwavering commitment to top-tier craftsmanship, sets Assetz Group apart.

          Innovation is another hallmark of Assetz Group’s success story. They consistently integrate cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices into their projects, ensuring that their developments are not just visually appealing but also eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

          With a diverse portfolio encompassing residential apartments, villas, and commercial spaces, Assetz Group caters to a wide spectrum of clients, each with their unique preferences and requirements. Their unyielding dedication to integrity, transparency, and timely project delivery has earned them the trust and satisfaction of countless customers.

          So, Assetz Group’s enduring legacy in the real estate industry is a testament to their commitment to excellence, innovation, and above all, customer-centric values. As they continue to expand their horizons, Assetz Group remains synonymous with reliability and quality in the realm of property development.

          Awards and Accolades


          • Best Real Estate Developer Award: Assetz Property, Bangalore, received the prestigious “Best Real Estate Developer” award in 2020, recognizing its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.
          • Excellence in Sustainable Development: The year 2020 saw Assetz Property being honoured for its outstanding contributions to sustainable development practices in the real estate sector.


          • Project of the Year – Residential: Assetz Property secured the “Project of the Year – Residential” award in 2021, highlighting the excellence and uniqueness of its residential projects in Bangalore.
          • Customer Choice Award: This year witnessed Assetz Property earning the “Customer Choice Award,” a testament to the company’s dedication to understanding and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.


          • Green Building Award: Assetz Property was recognized for its commitment to eco-friendly construction with the “Green Building Award” in 2022, underscoring its efforts towards sustainable and environmentally conscious real estate development.
          • Innovation in Design: The year 2022 brought accolades for Assetz Property’s innovative approach to design, with the company receiving the “Innovation in Design” award for pushing the boundaries of architectural creativity.


          • Best Commercial Project: Assetz Property clinched the “Best Commercial Project” award in 2023, showcasing its proficiency in creating cutting-edge commercial spaces that blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.
          • CSR Excellence Award: This year, Assetz Property was acknowledged for its outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, receiving the “CSR Excellence Award” for contributing to the welfare of communities.
          • Real Estate Brand of the Year: Assetz Property, Bangalore, was crowned the “Real Estate Brand of the Year” in 2024, a recognition of its consistent commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.
          • Digital Innovation in Real Estate: The company was applauded for its digital initiatives and technological advancements in the real estate sector, earning Assetz Property the “Digital Innovation in Real Estate” award.

            In each of these years, Assetz Property has not only maintained its reputation for delivering exceptional real estate projects but has also demonstrated a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer-centric practices, making it a standout player in the real estate industry in Bangalore.


          Make a free site visit to Assetz Code Name Miwa site with special assistance from our sales personnel to get in-depth information about the property.

          Advantages of Investing in Assetz Miwa - A Newly Pre-Launched Project

          • Prime Location: Assetz Miwa is strategically located within the KIADB Aerospace Park in Bagalur, North Bangalore, offering investors proximity to key business hubs, educational institutions, and the Kempegowda International Airport.
          • Thriving Aerospace Industry: The presence of the KIADB Aerospace Park ensures that Assetz Miwa is situated in a region with a thriving aerospace industry. This can potentially lead to increased demand for residential and commercial spaces, making it a lucrative investment opportunity.
          • Infrastructure Development: Bagalur, especially the KIADB Aerospace Park area, is witnessing significant infrastructure development. This includes improved roads, connectivity, and amenities, enhancing the overall value proposition for investors.
          • Employment Opportunities: With the aerospace industry growing in the vicinity, Assetz Miwa becomes an attractive option for those looking to invest in real estate. The potential for job creation in the area can drive demand for housing, making it a favourable investment for long-term gains.
          • Amenities and Facilities: Assetz Miwa is designed to offer modern amenities and facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for residents. This includes well-planned green spaces, recreational areas, and state-of-the-art security features.
          • Potential for High Returns: Investing in a rapidly developing area like Bagalur presents the opportunity for high returns on investment. The demand for real estate is likely to increase, contributing to the appreciation of property values over time.
          • Exemplary Build: Assetz Property Group is celebrated for its dedication to constructing with the utmost quality. Investors in Assetz Miwa can be confident in the durability and aesthetics of the structures, adding to the overall attractiveness of the investment.
          • Transparent and Customer-Centric Approach: Assetz Property Group follows a transparent and customer-centric approach, ensuring that investors are well-informed throughout the investment process. This commitment to customer satisfaction builds trust among investors.
          • Future Growth Potential: The development trajectory of North Bangalore, coupled with the specific advantages of being within the KIADB Aerospace Park, positions Assetz Miwa as a project with significant future growth potential.
          • Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Assetz Miwa adheres to all regulatory standards and guidelines, providing investors with the assurance that their investment aligns with legal and compliance requirements.

            Investing in Assetz Miwa presents a unique opportunity to be part of the growth story in the burgeoning aerospace and real estate sector in North Bangalore, with a promise of both immediate and long-term advantages for investors.


          An apartment serves as more than just a living space; it’s a sanctuary that blends comfort with convenience. Offering a cozy haven for urban dwellers, apartments are versatile homes that cater to diverse lifestyles. With modern amenities and space-efficient designs, apartments provide a hassle-free and vibrant living experience. From bustling city centers to serene suburbs, apartments come in various shapes and sizes, accommodating a spectrum of preferences. Whether it’s the ease of maintenance, community amenities, or the proximity to urban hubs, apartments stand as a popular housing choice, seamlessly merging practicality and style for individuals seeking a balanced and contemporary living solution.

          Best Assetz Apartments in Bangalore

          • Assetz Marq: Located in Whitefield, Assetz Marq offers luxurious 2 and 3 BHK apartments. Modern amenities include a rooftop swimming pool, fitness centre, and landscaped gardens. Proximity to tech parks makes it ideal for IT professionals.
          • Assetz 63 Degree East: Situated in Sarjapur road, Assetz 63 Degree East features contemporary 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences. Unique design elements and open spaces provide a vibrant living experience. Close to major educational institutions, making it suitable for families.
          • Assetz Sun & Sanctum: Nestled in the heart of TC Palya, Battarahalli, Assetz Sun & Sanctum offers spacious 3 and 4 BHK apartments. Exclusive amenities include a sky lounge, amphitheatre, and wellness centre. Strategic location with easy access to shopping and entertainment.
          • Assetz Lumos: Located in Yeswanthpur, Assetz Lumos presents premium 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments. High-end interiors, smart home features, and private terraces redefine luxury living. Proximity to the bustling Tumkur Road, NH 75 ensures convenience.
          • Assetz Earth and Essence: Positioned in Bengaluru International Airport Road, Hosahalli, Assetz Earth and Essence feature 3 and 4 BHK residences. Eco-friendly design with lush greenery, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels. Ideal for nature enthusiasts seeking a serene living environment.
          • Assetz Soul and Soil: Set in the vibrant locality of Hennur, Assetz Soul and Soil offers 2 and 3 BHK homes. Thoughtful architecture and contemporary amenities cater to modern urban lifestyles. Easy access to tech parks, schools, and healthcare facilities.
          • Assetz Here and Now: Situated in Rachenahalli, Assetz Here and Now provides 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences. Amenities include a clubhouse, swimming pool, and sports facilities for a dynamic lifestyle. Conveniently located near IT hubs, making it suitable for professionals.

            So, Assetz Apartments in Bangalore provide a diverse range of housing options, each catering to specific preferences and lifestyles. From the tech-centric Whitefield to the serene Yeswanthpur, these apartments offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and thoughtful design, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a modern and comfortable living experience in Bangalore.

          Location Overview

          Nestled in the vibrant landscape of North Bangalore, KIADB Aerospace Park in Bagalur stands as a testament to the region’s burgeoning industrial prowess. This strategically positioned aerospace hub is a haven for cutting-edge technology and innovation. Surrounded by lush greenery, the location offers a serene environment ideal for fostering productivity and creativity. With close proximity to Kempegowda International Airport and major highways, logistical advantages are paramount. The presence of renowned aerospace and defence establishments further solidifies Bagalur’s reputation as a prime destination for aerospace excellence. As a burgeoning economic hub, KIADB Aerospace Park in Bagalur promises not only growth but also a harmonious blend of nature and technology.

          Best Location in Bangalore for Investment

          Are you considering investing in Bangalore and wondering about the best location? Look no further than Bagalur, a thriving suburb that has become a hotspot for real estate investment. Nestled in the northern part of Bangalore, Bagalur boasts a perfect blend of urban amenities and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for investors seeking long-term growth.

          One of the key factors that make Bagalur attractive for investment is its strategic location. The area is well-connected to major IT hubs and business districts, such as KIADB Aerospace Park, Manyata Tech Park and Hebbal, ensuring a steady demand for residential and commercial properties. The proposed Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) and the upcoming metro connectivity are additional infrastructure developments that further enhance Bagalur’s accessibility and value.

          Beyond its connectivity, Bagalur offers a serene and green environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The presence of lush greenery and open spaces creates a tranquil atmosphere, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a peaceful living experience. This factor contributes to the rising demand for homes in Bagalur among families and professionals alike.

          The real estate landscape in Bagalur is witnessing significant growth, with several renowned developers investing in residential and commercial projects. This not only ensures the quality of construction but also hints at the potential appreciation of property values in the future. Whether you are interested in apartments, villas, or plots, Bagalur provides a diverse range of options to cater to various investment preferences.

          Investors in Bagalur also benefit from the presence of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers in the vicinity, making it a self-sustained locality. The social infrastructure, combined with the peaceful ambiance, creates a holistic living experience for residents and adds to the overall appeal of the area for real estate investment.

          So, Bagalur stands out as one of the best locations in Bangalore for investment, offering a strategic location, robust connectivity, serene surroundings, and a burgeoning real estate market. As Bangalore continues to grow, investing in Bagalur presents an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to secure their financial future in a thriving and well-connected community.

          KIADB Aerospace Park

          Nestled in the burgeoning landscape of North Bangalore, the KIADB Aerospace Park stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Developed by the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB), this aerospace park has become a hub for cutting-edge research, development, and manufacturing in the aerospace and aviation sectors.

          Strategically located in close proximity to Kempegowda International Airport, the KIADB Aerospace Park offers a conducive environment for aerospace companies, research institutions, and startups to thrive. The park boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, including modern facilities and amenities, making it an ideal destination for businesses looking to capitalize on the rapidly growing aerospace industry.

          One of the key advantages of the KIADB Aerospace Park is its well-planned layout and connectivity. Situated near major highways such as SH 104, the park ensures seamless access to important transportation routes, facilitating the smooth movement of goods and personnel. This strategic location has attracted leading aerospace players, fostering collaboration and creating a vibrant ecosystem for technological innovation.

          In addition to its industrial significance, the KIADB Aerospace Park contributes to skill development and employment opportunities in the region. The presence of reputed educational institutions and research centers within the park promotes knowledge exchange and creates a talent pool that supports the evolving needs of the aerospace industry.

          As Bangalore continues to be a global hub for aerospace and aviation, the KIADB Aerospace Park remains at the forefront of this growth trajectory. Its commitment to sustainability, coupled with a focus on research and development, positions the park as a key player in shaping the future of aerospace technology.

          So, the KIADB Aerospace Park in North Bangalore is a dynamic hub that encapsulates the spirit of innovation and progress in the aerospace sector. As a catalyst for economic growth and technological advancement, it plays a pivotal role in positioning Bangalore as a leading player in the global aerospace landscape.


          Nestled in the charming precincts of North Bangalore, Bagalur stands as a testament to the city’s dynamic growth and development. This rapidly evolving locality has garnered attention for its strategic location, making it a prime destination for both residents and investors alike. Bagalur seamlessly combines the tranquility of suburban living with the convenience of urban amenities, creating a unique and desirable blend.

          One of the key attractions of Bagalur is its proximity to Kempegowda International Airport, making it an ideal choice for frequent flyers and aviation enthusiasts. The well-planned infrastructure ensures smooth connectivity, with major roads and highways linking Bagalur to the heart of Bangalore. Residents here enjoy the luxury of easy access to business hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, enhancing the overall quality of life.

          The real estate landscape in Bagalur has witnessed a surge in demand, thanks to its flourishing economy and burgeoning job opportunities. The region has become a hotspot for property investments, offering a range of housing options to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. From modern apartments to spacious villas, Bagalur accommodates the housing needs of a diverse demographic.

          Nature enthusiasts will find solace in Bagalur’s green expanses, with parks and recreational spaces dotting the landscape. The serene ambiance provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, making Bagalur an attractive residential choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat without compromising on urban conveniences.

          So, Bagalur emerges as a gem in North Bangalore, embodying the perfect blend of connectivity, tranquility, and growth opportunities. As the city evolves, this vibrant locality continues to carve its niche as a sought-after destination, promising a harmonious lifestyle for its residents.

          Near by Employment Hubs

          • Manyata Tech Park:  Located in the vicinity of Bagalur, Manyata Tech Park is a major IT hub hosting numerous multinational corporations and technology companies. It offers a dynamic work environment and is a significant contributor to the region’s economic growth.
          • Devanahalli Business Park: Upcoming Devanahalli Business Park or DBP is outlined to be developed over 413.65 acres land enclosure owned by KSIIDC (Karnataka State Industrial Investment & Development Corporation Limited). This project extends along National Highway 7 (NH 7). Situated near Bagalur, it is going to create a lakhs of employment opportunities.
          • kIADB Aerospace Park: Adjoining the Kempegowda International Airport, Hi-Tech, Defence & Aerospace Park is developed in an total extent of 2980.00 acres in Bagalur. The Industrial Area is approximately 9.00 kilometers from NH-7 and 31 kilometers from Bengaluru City. Additionally, it enjoys connectivity to the Dodda Jala Railway Station, situated around 9.00 kilometers away. It is going to create 3 to 4 lakhs of employment opportunities.
          • Whitefield: Whitefield, a prominent suburb near Bagalur, is a bustling IT and business district. Home to numerous tech parks, corporate offices, and business centers, Whitefield is a preferred destination for professionals seeking employment opportunities in diverse industries.
          • Hebbal: Hebbal, situated close to Bagalur, is a rapidly developing area with a robust commercial presence. The locality is known for its business parks, commercial complexes, and proximity to the Kempegowda International Airport, making it an attractive choice for working professionals.
          • Outer Ring Road (ORR): The Outer Ring Road is a key employment corridor near Bagalur, housing a multitude of IT companies, startups, and corporate offices. Its strategic location enhances connectivity to various parts of the city, making it a preferred destination for professionals seeking diverse job opportunities.
          • Electronic City: While slightly farther from Bagalur, Electronic City remains one of Bangalore’s largest IT hubs. Renowned for housing numerous software companies, it provides a plethora of job opportunities and is easily accessible from Bagalur through well-connected road networks.
          • ITPL (International Tech Park Limited): ITPL, situated in Whitefield, is an integral part of Bangalore’s IT landscape. It hosts a cluster of IT and business establishments, offering a conducive work environment. The tech park’s strategic location contributes to its popularity among professionals in Bagalur seeking employment opportunities.
          • Embassy Manyata Business Park: Another noteworthy business park near Bagalur, the Embassy Manyata Business Park, is a hub for IT and corporate offices. With state-of-the-art facilities and a thriving business ecosystem, it attracts professionals from various domains.
          • RMZ Infinity: RMZ Infinity, located in Old Madras Road, is a commercial complex housing a mix of IT and corporate offices. Its strategic location and modern amenities make it an attractive workplace for professionals residing in Bagalur.

            These employment hubs near Bagalur not only provide a diverse range of job opportunities but also contribute to the overall growth and vibrancy of the region, making it an ideal a residential option for individuals looking for convenient access to their workplaces.

          Close by Hospitals

          • Columbia Asia Hospital: A renowned healthcare institution, Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal, close to Bagalur, is known for its comprehensive medical services. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of skilled medical professionals, it offers a wide range of healthcare solutions.
          • Regal Hospital: Situated in close proximity to Bagalur, Regal Hospital is a multispecialty healthcare facility. It provides advanced medical care across various specialties, including cardiology, orthopaedics, and obstetrics, ensuring holistic healthcare services for the community.
          • Sakra World Hospital: Recognized for its world-class healthcare services, Sakra World Hospital is easily accessible from Bagalur. The hospital excels in various medical disciplines, including neurology, oncology, and gastroenterology, offering comprehensive healthcare solutions.
          • Columbia Asia Referral Hospital: Columbia Asia Referral Hospital is a notable healthcare establishment near Bagalur. It serves as a referral center, providing specialized medical services and expert consultations across multiple disciplines to ensure comprehensive patient care.
          • Manipal Hospital: Located strategically, Manipal Hospital is a well-known healthcare facility accessible from Bagalur. With a focus on delivering high-quality medical services, the hospital caters to a wide range of specialties, making it a trusted choice for healthcare needs.
          • Ramaiah Memorial Hospital: Ramaiah Memorial Hospital is a prominent healthcare institution offering a spectrum of medical services. Known for its commitment to patient care and modern infrastructure, it serves as a reliable healthcare option for Bagalur residents.
          • Aster CMI Hospital: Aster CMI Hospital in near vicinity of Bagalur is a comprehensive healthcare facility with a reputation for providing quality medical care. With a team of experienced healthcare professionals, the hospital offers a wide array of medical services to cater to diverse healthcare needs.

            These hospitals near Bagalur play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of the community, offering advanced medical care and specialized services to residents in and around the area.

          Entertainment Hubs and Malls

          • Elements Mall: Elements Mall, located in Thanisandra, is a popular shopping destination near Bagalur. Boasting a diverse range of retail outlets, entertainment options, and dining choices, it provides a vibrant and engaging experience for shoppers and families.
          • Orion East Mall: Orion East Mall is a well-established shopping and entertainment complex near Bagalur. With a mix of national and international brands, along with a cinema and dining options, it caters to the varied preferences of visitors.
          • Phoenix Marketcity: Phoenix Marketcity is a massive shopping and entertainment destination easily accessible from Bagalur. Featuring a plethora of retail stores, entertainment zones, and a diverse culinary scene, it offers a complete lifestyle experience for shoppers and families.
          • Gopalan Signature Mall: Gopalan Signature Mall is a prominent shopping and entertainment hub near Bagalur. It houses a mix of retail outlets, a multiplex cinema, and recreational areas, providing a delightful experience for individuals and families.
          • RMZ Galleria Mall: RMZ Galleria Mall in Yelahanka, close to Bagalur, is a vibrant shopping destination with a focus on a premium shopping experience. Featuring high-end brands, entertainment options, and gourmet dining, it caters to those seeking a sophisticated retail experience.
          • Inorbit Mall: Inorbit Mall is a popular shopping and entertainment center easily accessible from Bagalur. With a diverse mix of stores, a multiplex cinema, and a food court, it offers a comprehensive shopping and leisure experience for visitors.
          • Phoenix Palassio: Phoenix Palassio in Yelahanka is a lifestyle destination near Bagalur, offering a range of shopping, entertainment, and dining options. Its modern design and varied amenities make it a favorite spot for those looking for a well-rounded leisure experience.
          • Mantri Square Mall: Mantri Square Mall is a prominent shopping and entertainment complex accessible from Bagalur. Known for its extensive range of retail outlets, entertainment zones, and a spacious food court, it caters to diverse preferences.

            These malls and entertainment hubs near Bagalur provide not only a diverse shopping experience but also a range of recreational and dining options. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, enjoying a movie, or exploring culinary delights, these destinations offer a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.


          Bangalore, often hailed as the Silicon Valley of India, epitomizes a harmonious blend of tradition and technology. This vibrant city, nestled in the heart of Karnataka, stands as a testament to India’s economic and technological prowess. Renowned for its pleasant weather, lush gardens, and diverse cultural milieu, Bangalore is a magnet for professionals, students, and entrepreneurs alike. Boasting a dynamic IT sector, educational institutions of global acclaim, and a thriving startup ecosystem, Bangalore continues to attract individuals seeking innovation and growth. From the iconic Vidhana Soudha to the bustling streets of MG Road, every corner narrates a tale of Bangalore’s rich history and progressive spirit.


          • Whitefield: Enjoy swift access to KIADB Aerospace Park via express roads, minimizing travel time. Well-maintained routes ensure a smooth and convenient commute. Proximity to Whitefield enhances connectivity options for residents.
          • Marathahalli: Direct links to Bagalur Main Road facilitate an efficient and seamless journey. Strategic road planning provides residents with hassle-free connections. Marathahalli residents benefit from improved accessibility to KIADB Aerospace Park.
          • KR Puram: Well-connected roadways offer a direct route from KR Puram to KIADB Aerospace Park. Enhanced infrastructure ensures a comfortable and quick commute. Residents of KR Puram enjoy efficient connectivity to the aerospace hub.
          • Devanahalli: Direct and efficient road connectivity to Bagalur Main Road for Devanahalli residents. A convenient route contributes to the overall development of the region. Improved accessibility fosters economic growth in Devanahalli.
          • Majestic: Easy access to Bagalur Main Road enhances connectivity options for Majestic commuters. Efficient traffic management ensures a seamless travel experience. Improved connectivity positively impacts the economic and infrastructural development of Majestic.
          • Malleshwaram: Well-planned routes connect Malleshwaram to KIADB Aerospace Park. Smooth and well-maintained roads provide a comfortable journey. Enhanced connectivity fosters economic growth and development in Malleshwaram.

            The strategic connectivity from these prominent areas solidifies KIADB Aerospace Park’s accessibility, offering a convenient and well-linked location for a variety of purposes.

          Connectivity to Assetz Miwa


          The metro connectivity from major areas like Whitefield, Marathahalli, KR Puram, and Majestic ensures a swift and efficient commute to KIADB Aerospace Park. The metro network’s reliability makes it a convenient choice for daily commuters.


          An extensive bus network connects Bagalur Main Road to prominent places like Devanahalli, Majestic, and Malleshwaram. With regular services, buses provide an affordable and accessible mode of transportation.


          For those preferring rail transport, KR Puram, Devanahalli and Majestic serve as key railway hubs. The well-connected rail network facilitates a comfortable journey to KIADB Aerospace Park for both daily commuters and occasional travelers.


          Devanahalli’s proximity to Kempegowda International Airport offers a direct and swift airway connection to KIADB Aerospace Park. This is particularly advantageous for those traveling from other cities or countries.

          Private Transport

          Individuals opting for private transport, including cars and cabs, enjoy the convenience of well-maintained roads connecting Whitefield, Marathahalli, KR Puram, Devanahalli, Majestic, and Malleshwaram to KIADB Aerospace Park. The flexibility and door-to-door service make it a preferred choice for many.

          The strategic location of KIADB Aerospace Park ensures that residents and businesses from various corners of Bangalore can choose the mode of transportation that best suits their needs. Whether it’s the efficiency of metro and bus services, the connectivity of rail and air travel, or the convenience of private transport, KIADB Aerospace Park stands as an accessible hub for a diverse range of commuters.


          Embarking on an investment journey in Bangalore, particularly in the thriving region of North Bangalore, is a strategic move brimming with potential. Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has consistently attracted investors seeking robust returns in the real estate and technology sectors. North Bangalore, in particular, stands out for its rapid development, offering a diverse range of investment opportunities.

          The real estate landscape in North Bangalore is marked by modern infrastructure, well-planned layouts, and proximity to key amenities. From upscale residential projects to commercial spaces, the region provides a plethora of options for investors looking to capitalize on the city’s growth. The expansion of Kempegowda International Airport further enhances the area’s attractiveness, driving demand for residential and commercial properties.

          Moreover, North Bangalore is a burgeoning technology hub, housing numerous IT parks and business centers. This dynamic ecosystem not only fuels the demand for office spaces but also presents lucrative opportunities for investors in the technology and startup sectors. As the city continues to evolve, investing in North Bangalore proves to be a judicious decision, promising not just financial gains but also a stake in the vibrant and progressive future of Bangalore’s real estate and business landscape.